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My expertise lies in:

Pharmaceutical Market Research_3

Medical translation for pharmaceutical market research projects

Are you planning on bringing a new medical product to the Spanish-speaking market?

Whether it’s a metabolic, psychiatric, or respiratory drug, performing market research is paramount in the pharmaceutical industry. With lives and money at stake, you need to ensure that you meet a worthy demand and have the information required to succeed.

As an experienced Spanish pharmaceutical translator, I can be your aid from beginning to end. From translation and interpretation of chronic diseases to the latest medical breakthroughs to patient research, I will be your channel to English and Spanish-speaking audiences.

Consumer translation for market research projects

Want to gain deep insights into your target audience?

Consumer market research is the best way to do that. But without a qualified translator to bridge the gap between you and Spanish-speaking consumers, it can be hard to gain a thorough understanding of their preferences. Through questionnaires, screeners, interviews, and focus groups, I can make it easier. I will translate and interpret your questions so that they are conveyed accurately and provide answers from consumers that precisely communicate their insights.

With extensive experience as a translator, I know how to address the Spanish audience. I’m also well-versed in the various techniques used in qualitative and quantitative research. Therefore, I can translate and interpret your materials to provide you with valuable insights into your target consumers.

Ethnographic Research

Unveil your customers’ true behaviors and motivations

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, ethnographic research will serve you well. From Intel to Lego, numerous companies rely on ethnographic research to better understand how consumers interact with their products and create a better customer experience. You can do the same for your business.

Being a native Spanish speaker with an extensive knowledge of consumer habits and preferences, I know the Spanish-speaking market very well. I can help you translate the information you need that will form the basis for key insights into unmet needs. This is how translation and interpretation can help you thrive internationally.

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