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English Spanish | Spanish English Translation Specialist

From screeners to discussion guides, questionnaires to journals, I will translate your original material into Spanish so that it is clearly understood and appreciated by the Spanish community. Once the project is finished, I can also translate your findings reports, client presentations, executive reports, and transcripts to certify complete clarity of your texts.

Remote simultaneous translation

Sometimes it’s just more convenient to hop on a call than to participate in a face-to-face meeting. It can also prove more cost-effective. Luckily for you, I provide web-assisted over-the-phone interpreting too. Save time, money, and energy by enlisting me for your telephone interpreting project with Spanish-speaking participants.

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On-site interpreting

Rely on me for Spanish to English simultaneous interpretation of interviews, focus groups, research clinics, and shop-alongs. I’ll make sure every word, meaning, and matter are interpreted accurately to provide you with a message that’s as clear as if it were spoken in your own language. I will also provide cultural context in order to better understand and position the speaker’s comments.

Editing and proofreading

Editing and proofreading

Clean up your current translation with professional proofreading and editing. I’ll polish any grammatical errors, punctuational omissions, linguistic inconsistencies, and ambiguities that could transmit the wrong message and blemish your reputation.

Business editing

Leave your client reports and documents to me. I’ll make sure everything follows a clear structure, so it reads logically, your sentences work well together and without any minor errors that may undermine your authority. Through meticulous Spanish business editing, you’ll earn the respect you deserve.

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Do you require professional simultaneous translation Spain, a pharmaceutical conference translator, English-Spanish interpreting? With over two decades of experience, including being a business editor at McKinsey, the world’s best-known business management consulting firm, two university degrees, and a true love for what I do, you can look forward to a simple, smooth and seamless translation.

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Listen to what my clients say

Sabina’s interpretation style comes across even when the interviews and groups are online. She’s able to convey the expressiveness of the respondents in a way that feels like the actual voice of the individual. It makes the discussion lively and interesting to follow.

Silvia & Óscar Artiñano

Founding Partners and Managing Directors
Arpo Market Research
Sabina is a reliable partner for translation in Spain. She replies to requests in a timely manner and shares detailed feedback when applicable.

Caroline Keravel

Managing Partner Resources
Trabajar con Sabina es una auténtica garantía de calidad y de seguridad. Es una profesional con la que es un placer trabajar y a la que puedes acudir sabiendo que el trabajo será hecho con excelencia sean cual sean los requerimientos. Pocos profesionales de la traducción son tan ágiles y adaptativos como ella. Para nosotros es una colaboradora realmente valiosa.

Factoría Sapiens