Sabina Argüeso, PhD

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Over 25 years in business

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Do you need English or Spanish translation or interpreting for your pharmaceutical or consumer market research? Would you like to work with someone who delivers great work consistently and on time? I can meet your needs efficiently and with a smile if you are looking for professional simultaneous translation and document translation!

Specialized in the consumer and pharmaceutical industries and with a Ph.D. in Linguistics, I am your voice and channel to developing your business and your product globally. English-Spanish simultaneous translation made easy and delivered expressively.

When we work together, I’ll be with you every step of the research process. So you have peace of mind that you’ll receive an accurate and error-free medical translation or consumer translation that will add value to your project. Hassle-free.


My Story

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career highlights

  • Navigating through a challenging new business climate. Enjoying as ever helping clients with their market research projects. And ready to do this for another 25 years…most likely
  • Learning about new technologies to improve my language skills and deliver a better service
  • Staying busy to reach out to new clients and offering transcribing services
  • Attended first medical congress as an interpreter
  • My tenth anniversary as a freelance translator!
  • Celebrated my 500th engagement for simultaneous translation
  • Worked as a Business Editor with telephone companies in Spain and Malaysia when the 3G spectrum was auctioned
  • Building an extensive client portfolio and range of services in the research marketing setting
  • Began my freelance career as a translator!
  • Took on the role of Business Editor at global consulting firm McKinsey & Company, Madrid office, providing translation, line-editing, and structural editing of documents
  • Earned Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin (United States)
  • Completed university degree in Spanish  Philology from the University of Deusto -(Bilbao)

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My clients would have to agree …

Sabina’s interpretation style comes across even when the interviews and groups are online. She’s able to convey the expressiveness of the respondents in a way that feels like the actual voice of the individual. It makes the discussion lively and interesting to follow.

Silvia & Óscar Artiñano

Founding Partners and Managing Directors
Arpo Market Research
Sabina is a reliable partner for translation in Spain. She replies to requests in a timely manner and shares detailed feedback when applicable.

Caroline Keravel

Managing Partner Resources

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Sabina Argüeso

If you need professional, reliable, and high-quality English or Spanish translation and interpreting services, get in touch today. [link to contact] I’m available to take care of your project whenever you need my expertise.