Can You Guess Who’s the Translator/ Interpreter Here? (Spoiler: They All Are!

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| 18/03/2024 |


Yes, that’s right – even if they don’t speak a foreign language. This photo of school children might not look like it depicts interpreters and translators, but communication is all about interpretation and translation, in a way. Every day, we translate and interpret what others say or write into our own «mental language» to understand them. It’s how:

– Doctors interpret their patient’s symptoms to diagnose them.
– Parents interpret their baby’s cries to provide care.
– Sales assistants have to understand customer needs before recommending any products.

Professional translators and interpreters just take it one step further: We bridge the gap between two different languages and their unique cultural nuances, unlike machines or AI which operate in an entirely different way.

So, what does this mean for you?

Fieldwork for market research: Accurate interpretation is crucial for understanding diverse audiences and gathering meaningful insights.

Documents for global business: Effective communication across languages and cultures is key to building trust and success.

Whether you’re a business owner, office manager, researcher, moderator or simply someone who values communication, working with interpreters and translators opens doors to new perspectives and opportunities.

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P.S. Can you guess which child in the photo might be a future interpreter? Let me know in the comments!