Market Research Agencies

I provide language services to local and international market research agencies:

  • I ensure the client brief is communicated accurately in Spain, and the research captures the uniqueness of Spanish respondents.

  • Market research varies widely, and I focus mostly on medical research (approx. 65% of my workload) and consumer research (the remaining 35 %.)


I have developed extensive expertise on a wide-ranging number of healthcare areas:

  • Chronic diseases, e.g., in the psychiatric, respiratory, metabolic fields.

  • Latest medical breakthroughs, i.e., monoclonal antibodies in a growing number of indications, new approaches to chronic or acute diseases, the role of manufacturers in the delivery of information or training, the physician-patient interaction etc.

  • Patient research to elicit their needs and voice.


Involving different approaches to gain an-depth understanding of Spanish consumers and their preferences, every project is different and exciting.

  • I work closely with the moderators and the client team.

  • I make sure the client’s questions are conveyed accurately, and consumers deliver their answers in a way that conveys meaningfully their differential experiences and insights.

  • I am very experienced in the use of the various techniques used in qualitative and quantitative research.